[in] (2009)

Released on everglade records

[in], released on surround sound DVD, was recorded exclusively with hydrophones. This work shows the anthropogenic emission of machine sounds in the stunning south Florida underwater biome.

Album forewords:

A combination of Jacques Cousteau, Captain Nemo, Poseidon as a young man, or perhaps a human incarnation of a dolphin-poet, composer Erik DeLuca explores the mysteries of sounds as they exist and propagate underwater. It feels as if the flows and currents in the shallow depths of the Florida Keys and surrounding waters carry the musical sounds to him. Through the magic of recording he reveals underwater life as we have never heard it before and invites us to experience it vividly with him.  As a companion to Pauline Oliveros’ and Stuart Dempster’s Deep Listening underground performances, DeLuca’s In is a vast symphonic work, consisting of numerous samples of natural and man-made sound events, woven into a gorgeous musical tapestry.
- Alvin Lucier

[in] reveals fascinating worlds of underwater life forms and related non-living phenomena, weaving them into a rich fabric of auditory data. These are intrinsically mysterious worlds, largely as remote from human experience or signification as the ultima thule revealed through the mirrors of our most powerful telescopes. Erik DeLuca not only allows us to experience these hidden worlds beyond the physical reach of our sensory perception, he does so with impeccable respect for the diverse things that share our multiverse.
- David Dunn