Once Gone (2014)

In Once Gone, Levine and DeLuca create a tightly structured system of sound and movement that speaks of change and disappearance, human effort and what remains after an ending. The imperfection of the repetition inherent in this system becomes quickly palpable and a central source of the work's resonance. As the piece stretches out over time, the form decays and produces residue.

Quilt (2014)

Quilt: Wellfleet is the quilting together of clothing, movement, and sound, accumulated over seven days spent in Wellfeet, Cape Cod – by Emma Hoette, Sara Gurevich, and Erik DeLuca. Photographs made by Whitney Browne.

The Plait (2014)

The Plait is an exploratory evening of music and dance–guitars, quick feet, electronics, hair, old samplers, investigative spines, amps, tapes, anatomical inscriptions, ears, you, seeing, compressing, shadowing, listening, reshaping, connecting. The quartet, dancers Kristin Clotfelter and Katie Schetlick and musicians Erik Deluca and Adam Smith, put together 2 sets based on simple progressions: pulses to ambient textures; loud to soft; slow to slower. The result–unexpected audio/visual configurations. The Plait was presented at the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative and the Green Building in Brooklyn, NY. Photographs made by Emily White.

Rounds (2014)

“Rounds is a dance for Wellfleet’s Long Pond. The result of slowly melting glacial leftovers, Long Pond’s sediments contain clues about the past lives of this well-loved landscape, in addition to indicating changes that are occurring presently—whether over the span of seasons, days, or moments. Viewers may watch from any vantage along the water’s edge as performers create movement patterns that reverberate across the body of the pond. Inverting the tradition of theater “in the round,” dancers move at the periphery of the performance space, attempting to share a dance that travels from one shore to the next. Created by Zena Bibler in collaboration with Erik DeLuca, Athena Kokoronis, Lailye Weidman, and Jessie Young.” - Zena Bibler. Photographs made by Whitney Browne.

(–V–)^ (2013)

Sampling sound through motion and motion back into sound, (–v–)^ postulates and distorts the dynamic relationship between the collective voice and artistic vision.  (–v–)^ was developed by composer, Erik DeLuca, choreographer Katie Schetlick and members of the Movement Party. (–v–)^  was presented at the TechnoSonics XIV: Motion concert at the University of Virginia.

Here (2014)

“Disparate landscapes sourced from natural phenomena experienced and documented by various artists during a week long residency in Wellfleet collide and result in a place and time that may only be described as HERE. Dancers and live musicians simultaneously navigate a condensed new world made up of their individual, intersecting cartographies. HERE was presented at Wellfleet Preservation Hall as part of Fleet Moves Dance Festival 2014.”–Katie Schetlick. Photographs made by Whitney Browne.

With Zena Bibler, Rebecca Burrill, Galen Bremer, Erik DeLuca, Sara Gurevich, Emma Hoette, Athena Kokoronis, Hannah Krafcik, Zoe Rabinowitz, Katie Baer Schetlick, Lailye Weidman, Jessie Young, Anne Zuerner, and Rishauna Zumberg.