by DEN

Pastiche was recorded and mixed between December 2014 and December 2015 by Erik DeLuca in so many places—a train towards Marrakesh, U.Va., a ship off the coast of Myanmar, a little NH lake house. With: Jon Bellona (bass/flute), Juliana Daugherty (vocals/flute), Ryan Maguire (guitar/vocals), Conner McCarthy (trombone),Greg Sloan (drums), Steven Snider (drums), and Travis Thatcher (guitar/tenor sax). These lovely folks sang some: Sherry Brown, Katie Burke, Cristina Dunn, Hope Erdmann, Amanda Laskey, Ryan Micklos, Janice Park, Madeline Ramey, and Maya Sadagopal. Amy Garapic played some percussion, Andie Springer played violin and viola on Blindman, and Colleen Kinder wrote the text used in Flaws. Parts of Coldwind, Leaves, Tree, Want, Minepit, and Window were recorded at The Sound in Charlottesville by Mark Graham. The record was mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic.