45 Bell Ringers (20 Hz, 90-volt AC) (2016)
brass dome bell ringers, microcontroller, cable, aligator clips, 12-volt battery, and variable-length cedar podiums

Power ringing is a telecommunication signal that entails sending a high-voltage alternating current over a telephone line to ring an electromagnetic bell attached to a phone. I built a power supply that transformed a 12-volt DC car battery into this unique ringing voltage to ring bells from the 1950s. This sound sculpture is a new interface for musical expression that literally plays history. This work is a point of contact between old and new technology that reimagines, and re-sounds these bells to transcend the rings historical meaning of regulation and control. When the installation was complete, each bell’s cedar podium was used to build raised garden beds by a local Omaha Nebraska farmer. This work was developed at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.