Ensemble & Friends (For Satoshi Ashikawa) (2018)
for two harps, piano, celesta, two vibraphones (w/ song bells & percussion), two flutes, two electric guitars, synthesizer, Friend Choir & Nýló Choir (commissioned by Myrkir Músíkdagar)

Five Dances for Ensemble and Pirate Radio Transmissions (2017)
for voice, recorder, cello, bass, trumpet, horn, and radios (written for / commissioned by smallroom Berlin)

Brief Algorithmic Music for Midi Church Organ (Hallgrímskirkja) (2016)
for the Hallgrímskirkja MIDI organ (written for Dark Music Days)

For Rhodes and CD Players (2015)
for fender rhodes and 5 Eiki players (written for Charlie Magnone / commissioned by Fieldwork: Marfa)

3 Songs, 3 Interludes (2014)
for Reed Quintet and 5 cassette players (commissioned by Splinter Reeds)

Sparkle (2014)
for solo piano and electronics (written for Seung-Hye Kim)

A Loop, A Field (2014)
for flute, harp, cello, double bass, and 2 tape players (presented as a part of June in Buffalo with Ensemble Signal)

Winter (2013)
for orchestra, voice, and electronics (commissioned by the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival / Denali National Park)

White Blanket (2013)
for large ensemble, soprano, and electronics (presented as part of the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival)

For Cowboy Randy Erwinn (2012)
for electric guitar quartet (written for Dither / commissioned by Grand Canyon National Park )

Cascades (2011-12)
for large percussion ensemble and pre-recorded sounds(written for Hamiruge / commissioned by the 70.8% Festival and North Cascades National Park)

Lake (2011 rev. 2013)
for string quartet and 8mm film (edited in 2013 for Friction / commissioned by Isle Royale National Park)

Six Days (2010 rev. 2013)
for chamber ensemble and pre-recorded sound (edited in 2013 for Innovox / commissioned by Wrangell-St. Elias National Park)

At the Edge of the Sea (2010 - 2012)
for saxophone quartet and pre-recorded sounds (commissioned by Michael Straus, 70.8% Festival, and Acadia National Park)

Dry Run (2011)
for percussion, ballad singer, chord organ, and pre-recorded sounds

Within a Sand Dune (2010)
for amplified percussion quartet (written for Talujon)