Fluxkit for Kukuruz (2019) is a fluxkit. The kit includes three tennis balls, a wood block w/ mallet, walkie talkies, five pairs of finger cymbals, twenty-five soprano recorders w/ cases, one modifiable electronic sound circuit, and a workbook for event scores. The first situation with the kit included Alison Knowles' "Shuffle" (1961), a performance of a transcription of a Skype call with Kukuruz Quartet (made two weeks before the first situation) about the meaning of "piece" within the context of Western classical music, and an arrangement of The Narragansett Brewing Company slogan: "Made On Honor; Sold On Merit; Hi, Neighbor, have a 'Gansett!" Kukuruz carried their fluxkit back to Switzerland and I hear Ensemble Pamplemousse used it. If you would like to use this fluxkit to perform an event score please contact Kukuruz.

*The Narragansett Brewing Company has no relationship to the Narragansett people of Rhode Island.