Howling May Occur (2016)
Marantz PMD201 tape decks, cassette tape loops, batteries, and hidden hinges

I purchased 17 Marantz PMD201 tape recorders for $183.50 from an auction through Connecticut’s Department of Safety. These tape recorders were used to record emergency dispatch calls in the mid 90s. The user manual for the Marantz PMD201—reads: “When the MONITOR switch is set to SOURCE, howling may occur. At that time, lower the monitoring volume.” By not lowering the monitoring volume a kind of howling feedback occurs. You’ll notice that the recorders were arranged on a 170-inch beam, vertically with hidden hinges. This reference to the American artist, Donald Judd’s stack sculptures rubs against the political underpinnings of sculptural minimalism—because after approximately 40-hours of continuous play, the batteries die, and the howls disappear into the ambient background.