MUSI 2070 Mixtape : Sailing East

My students and I in MUSI 2070: Popular Music Cultures (Spring 2015) compiled a mixtape during our Semester at Sea circumnavigation. We listened to music on the radio, we visited record stores, we gathered suggestions from new friends, and we attended concerts. We brought this new music back to the classroom on the ship and responded to it using course topics (appropriation, authenticity, genre, technological affect, gender, identity, migration, ethnicity, and politics.) We've compiled a nice selection of Hindi and Tamil film songs, all different styles of J-pop, screamo from Myanmar, Hawaiian gangster rap, mandopop, cantopop, synthesized ragas, Vietnamese soul, enka, T-pop, V-pop, South African jazz and hip hop, Japanese psychedelic rock, pop yeh yeh, Bollywood steel guitar music, and Singaporean country music. Enjoy these selections by browsing the map or by scrolling through the jumbled list below