Invitation to Listen in a Van (for Wendy Carlos) (2019) is a tribute in the form of a social sculpture—with a clunker van, discography in “road case,” digital “mixtape,” blinking neon roof beacon, hi-fi sound system with subwoofer, screen print (ed. 50), and snack kit. The small i: "It represents the mathematical term for the imaginary number constant, defined as the square root of minus one, a concept that doesn't exist in the real world, but helps solve many equations...Math and physics people routinely refer to small i, the imaginary number. I must have picked that up from my days as a student at Brown University, when I shifted my focus, first in physics, and then in music and composition...The tiny i is located at the base of the transistor schematic, as this is the normal input for this minimal circuit component. It's all terribly clever, don't you see, that Tempi's music-notehead is a transistor, the main element of a Moog synthesizer, and it's located to amplify (are you ready?) imagination, symbolized by the imaginary number, i." [1] This project is for nonprofit educational purposes. With production help from Tim Bearse, Julia Gualtieri, Andrew Knox, and Kiri Miller.

[1] Wendy Carlos, Switched-on Boxed Set, “A Tale of Three Logos.” Minneapolis, MN: East Side Digital, 1999.